Testimonials from patients who wrote to express their gratitude;

” I suffered much with “shingles” and its “aftermath” which produced stabbing pains! Dr. Thompson eliminated all of my pains with a few treatments! She also alleviated my severe muscle pain and “acid reflux” which created a major problem for me! I highly recommend Dr. Thompson for any ailment you may encounter in your life.

Gratefully yours,

Ms. Karla

Deborah has been great! I first came in with back pain and it has improved dramatically due to the acupuncture and massage. I tell everyone how great this has been for me. Truly Awesome!

Dustin O.


Deborah Thompson has been my Therapist for over 15 years. Deborah performed massage therapy during many of those years. Simply stated, Deborah is a Healer. She has helped my body through various maladies and out-of-balance states during these years, and she performs her healing with a gentle touch. She often finds issues within my body I was not even aware of going into treatment, and has assisted my understanding of the connection(s) within my body. I have sporadic orchard grass allergies, which can be extremely bad during certain years. Deborah’s acupuncture work on me during allergy season has helped immensely. There are times I leave a treatment feeling totally whole. I feel lucky, and am thankful, that Deborah has been available to perform her therapeutic work on me during all these years.

Wayne G.


Several years ago I had a very painful “frozen shoulder.” Deborah had been my massage therapist for several years and she recommended a procedure called “cupping.” As I, by that time, trusted her implicitly and agreed to let her perform this procedure on me. The heated cup was moved slowly, up & down on my lubricated skin which created a type of deep friction to disperse the myofascial adhesions in and around my frozen shoulder area. The area surrounding my painful shoulder turned purple due to what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls Blood Stasis meaning lack of circulation of blood in the area being cupped. It took only one session for the myofascial adhesions to be released completely and I was able to move my shoulder freely without pain & discomfort. Afterwards, I return to do another session of acupuncture and neuromuscular massage. My shoulder has remained pain free for seven years. I highly recommend Deborah as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture and Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. She heals with her hands and intuition.


Helen C.


I first met Deborah last June 2013. My daughters gave me several Father’s Day Gift Certificates for Acupuncture. What a life saver! I had been a Mason for 25 years and my back has been a constant source of pain for many years. I’ve worn out my disc between L4-L5. My back doctor administers steroid epidurals to my lumbar area for some pain relief , but it only provides minimal relief some of the time. Over the last 9 months, Dr. Deborah has treated my back & hips with Acupuncture, Cupping, Neuromuscular massage, and has advised me on nutritional & homeopathy alternatives for pain relief. It’s now March 2014 and I feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally than I have in a long time. I am in much better shape than I’ve been in the last 20 years. I have almost no pain and have lost weight, because I can now exercise without constant pain. What a life changer! I feel truly blessed and fortunate that I found the right acupuncture doctor and massage therapist for me. She has a special gift and I tell everyone about her therapeutic ways of healing.

Forever Grateful,

Dusty L.


I have been a customer of Deborah Thompson for 15 years. Deborah combines her classroom, intuition and clinical skills with her desire to help others improve their quality of life. Her expertise and skills were especially useful following a fall I had three years ago that resulted in significant injuries to several areas of my body. Dr. Deborah combined her knowledge of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with neuromuscular massage, electrical stimulation, cupping, and heat packs to provide much needed relief from pain and discomfort. Deborah looks at every health situation individually to provide you with the best therapy and the best outcome.

“Thank You “




It has been my pleasure to know Dr. Thompson and her acupuncture practice.

I have over the last couple of years had problems with my Achilles tendons during exercising at Cross Fit. Traditional treatment with outpatient facilities, recommended by my family practice doctor did not give me relief and the ability to resume my exercising.

A runner I know recommended Dr. Deborah. My first visit was a Wednesday. This was my first ever acupuncture  treatment, so I was sketical. This treatment gave me immediate relief…what a surprise!

My second treatment was the following Friday. With these 2 treatments I returned to full workouts without any pain.

A month or so ago, 2 years after my initial treatment, my Achilles started to ache following some serious jump rope exercise. Back to Dr. Thompson and only one session of acupuncture did the trick.

Please keep up the great practice so that my exercising may continue!

Kay J. H.


Dr. Deborah has been my “go to Therapist’ for many years. Her intuitive sense in Acupuncture / Bodywork has helped me immensely in overcoming pain issues, anxiety and insomnia . She integrates many treatment modalities that creates a level of calmness / stress relief, decrease pain, mental clarity, and an increase sense of purpose/well-being. I appreciate you, immensely!

Nancy J.


I called Dr. Deborah Thompson and informed her that I was in my eighth month of pregnancy. My current ultrasound showed that my baby was in a breached postion. I had heard that acupuncture could help with my situation. Dr. Deborah gave me a Chinese herbal moxa stick with instructions on its use and how often to use it on specific points on my feet. Within a few days of its use, I had another ultasound done and my baby was now in her normal position. I couldn’t believe it and was elated and extremely grateful for Dr. Deborah’s wisdom and knowledge of Oriental Medicine.

Thank You so much for your help!



My name is April, and I tried so hard to conceive another child using Allopathic Medicine for 18 months. To no avail, it did not work. I became disappointed and depressed. After a great deal of time passed, my friend suggested that I try Acupuncture. She informed me about how Dr. Deborah assissted her with conception  after receiving several Acupuncture treatments. At this point , I was willing to try something other than Western Medicine again. I had an Acupuncture treatment every week for 4 weeks. To my amazement , I became pregnant the following month after my treatments!

I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to find Dr. Deborah. I was given another gift from above, to conceive another child.

From my Heart to yours, Thank you Dr. Deborah. I feel blessed and full of joy!



My doctor referred me to Dr. Deborah due to an injury I sustained at work. My treating physician likes the many benefits of Acupuncture and wanted me to try it. After several acupuncture treatments, I was able to turn my neck side to side without pain or restriction. I continued my treatments with Dr. Deborah for the duration of my prescriptive therapy. To my surprise, Acupuncture not only help alleviate my neck pain / discomfort and improved my range of motion, but I lost a total of 30 pounds during my treatments with Dr. Deborah!! She explained to me how this was possible. I love her Acupuncture and feel she’s an Awesome Doctor of Oriental Medicine. I highly recommend her intuitive abilities and capabilities to heal your ailments!

Peace & Love,

Rose H.


Deborah….Thank you for your wonderful work. Although always helpful physically_in the right hands, on the right platform, Chinese Medicine is a Transformational tool.

Anita Alexandra


Thank you Deborah, for your wonderful knowledge and gift in my recent fertility treatments I’ve received from you. With Deborah’s recommendation of Herbal Formulas and electro-acupuncture fertility treatments of 4- 5 months, I am proud to say, I’m in my 17th week of pregnancy! “We are elated, because we had tried other methods that did not work !”

My husband and I feel grateful and blessed to have met Deborah.


M & R